Wednesday, December 15, 2010

have a believed that things happen for a reason

sometimes people just cant get through things that they will never forget. just cant move on. Thing happen there's must have a reason. that we don't even know yet.

Firstly , if someone in your family that you love the most leave you. that the hardest part. I know I experience it too , by missing my late grandfather and grandmother, i lost my Grandmother when i just a little kid. don't even know a thing , but i miss her, surely . for my late Grandfather, I lost him in year 2007, I know things because i'm sixteen and not a little kid anymore, and surely I miss him too. Alfatihah  for both of them :)
I'll see people die before my eyes. its just unimaginable , people crying , people shouting. its like when people going crazy. and just don't know what to do. the heart just cant get through the pain, they gone for a reason maybe . people around me always said  .

 " kalau orang yang kita sayang tu pergi , jangan ditatap lama pemergiannya ,Allah lebih sayangkan dia" ,

and I know this word has spread all around the universe I think . everyday we just don't know , somewhere in this country or in this world ,everyday there's people lost their beloved father and mother, lost their sibling,lost their husband or wife , or maybe kids,  and I always believed. thing happen for a reason . :)
for me , i just cant imagine my life without them without the one that i love the most, pray for them, the only things that I could do.
move on . they want you to move on. live your life.

secondly , breaking up with your girlfriend / boyfriend. this kind of situation , I've seen it like everyday, updating the status or entry

 "Good Bye Loser"
"Hey Bi***, I hate you"
"Hey kau tak guna lah"
"Get a life loser"

its like memalukan , tolonglah people, and its everywhere in Blogspot, Facebook and everywhere, Twitter instead ?  stop doing that thing. shame for both of you. There's a pretty girl . at first I respect her, full of respect. but when i'll see her blog.=,=' . why full of word that is not suitable for a girl to wrote or saying it. I don't want to say it here because I just think that its rude. one word rude. shameful wearing hijab and so on , to protect their own aurat. but word ? Astaghfirullah. and I know. i'm not the one who so called as Islamic or perfect because in real life I know everyone have say it .and me too. but for this social society, please don't get to much, what people thinks about you. when you wrote what ever word that will considered as Rude ? this is was a social network. everyone seen it. have a respect of others please ?
I know just cant get through because have been dump by someone. and I've seen a lot of my friend experience the same thing. but they never get too much. never wrote something that will made people menyampah. or what so ever. updating something that will make your day better will be nice. try to be polite in this social things OK ? its life baby . try to delete those memories its hard. I know. but try and never fails ,   Let bygone be bygone. Pray for a better life OK people ? :)

happy and grateful for whatever curves life throws into you..  :)

for the third one. OK i'm lack of ideas.
sees u in my next entry. with love :)



✿ n0ra ✿ said...

Scars do color our life... be strong!

afiqah said...

so true dear. sangat setuju :)
bangkit dr kklhn.